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Grant’s Current Yield Podcast

Dec 27, 2019

Jim Grant delivers a holiday message and review of 2019 financial events.
1:15 The state of the world as 2020 looms.
7:45 All things cyclical
11:30 The repo hiccup and unscripted events.
17:15 UST margin demand: a product of unnaturally-low rates?
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Dec 22, 2019

@AmitySchlaes, author of “Great Society: A New History,” stops by the office to discuss her new book.

2:24 #BrettonWoods and the “bonanza”

8:50 Michael Harrington goes to Washington 

13:10 Arthur Burns: A Greek tragedy

19:45 Presidential pressure on the Fed, then and now


Dec 15, 2019

Each analyst identifies a notable recent event. Jim provides a winter reading recommendation.
1:40 Dazed and confused
4:18 Crude oil and the VC market
10:24 Jim reviews “#1931” by #TobiasStraumann (
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Dec 6, 2019

Don Coxe, chairman at Coxe Advisors LLP and commodity investor par excellence, calls in to discuss the latest in agriculture and its implications.

1:31 A contrarian look at the climate

8:38 An opportunity in natural gas?

14:07 The Maunder Minimum

17:20 A new commodity boom:  Wither...

Nov 22, 2019

Leigh Goehring and Adam Rozencwajg stop by the office to discuss opportunities in natural resources.
1:10 #Apple worth more than the entire energy sector
4:19 What’s happening with shale?
12:21 Tier-one wells on the wane
18:43 Bargains abound in energy
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