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Grant’s Current Yield Podcast

Aug 21, 2017

Grant's vacation episode.

Aug 14, 2017

Jim and Evan break down the latest from the Swiss National Bank, along with the #Tesla bond offering, #cryptocurrencies and much more.

Click here to view the article discussed in this Podcast; Sell Coke

0:55 - Swiss National Bank

3:55 - Central Banks

6:05 - Corporate Bonds

7:23 - #Tesla

8:32 - Restaurant Jobs...

Aug 8, 2017

1:23 #Bitcoin spinoff

4:19 #FANG short interest evaporates

5:35 Long distance #rate hike odds

8:32 Global #art sales collapsing

9:45 The travails of #BlueApron and others

12:06 Conversation with Shad Rowe

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