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Grant’s Current Yield Podcast

Jul 30, 2018

Richard Sandor, chairman and CEO of the American Financial Exchange and the Father of Financial Futures, joins Grant’s to help us make sense of the major changes that are coming to the world financial system.

1:32  What’s wrong with #Libor?

8:10 The Secured overnight #financing rate: Is it an improvement?

14:54 A...

Jul 19, 2018

China, the leveraged loan market, Netflix and the Los Angeles Dodgers utility-man (why not?) headline another scintillating investment discussion. 

0:00 “Maximum” Max #Muncy and value investing

1:53 Cracks in the #China facade

5:19 Debt or equity?  The #Netflix conundrum

11:05 Humphrey Hawkins redux and #crypto...

Jul 9, 2018

Jim, Evan and Phil discuss the world’s various points of pressure, and provide a few other trenchant observations.

1:05 The Declaration of Independence gets unfriended by #Facebook

3:52 HNA, #China and the world

7:02 Italy’s populists and the #European Central Bank

11:28 U.S. junk #bond yields on the move


Jul 2, 2018

A Grant’s variety pack: Jim, Evan and Phil hold forth on an array of topical financial matters.

1:36 North Korea, AT&T and the future

5:10 A July 4 message from Thomas Jefferson

6:08 Changes in #China

13:55 Corporate buybacks and corporate debt

15:10 Crypto carnage

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