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Grant’s Current Yield Podcast

Oct 30, 2017

Jim, Evan and Phil hold forth on noteworthy sightings in credit,  while Jim challenges a core premise of modern central banking. 

0:43 #ECB taper announcement

2:36 Taylor Rule funds rate and the flattening yield curve

5:05 The search for “stability”

8:35 Kobe Steel bondholder surprise

9:55 10-year yield at a key...

Oct 18, 2017

Jim, Evan and Phil take inventory of notable topics and unusual occurrences around the world.

2:50 Blackrock and Vanguard assets approach #China GDP

5:59 Indexation, or unmanaged #money?

7:13 Magically shape-shifting earnings at #GE

10:30 Market Makers: New kids on the block

12:43 1987 stock market #crash turns 30


Oct 11, 2017

Jim and Evan discuss opportunities and risks in the restaurant industry with John Hamburger, president of the Restaurant Finance Monitor.

0:53 Employment trends and #business activity

2:42 Low rates begets overcapacity

6:28 Risks for franchisees

8:10 Who owns the #real estate?

11:45 Global synchronized recovery and...

Oct 2, 2017

Jim and Evan discuss the outlook for crude oil and other commodities with fund manager Adam Rozencwajg


0:48  President #Trump vs Candidate Trump

4:42 Adam’s thoughts on #oil

6:44 How to play a rising oil price

13:00 Implications of increased hedging activity

15:53 The outlook for #copper and #gold