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Grant’s Current Yield Podcast

Dec 7, 2018

Keith Bronstein, commodities guru and president of TradeLink Holdings, LLC, calls in to discuss futures, interest rates and his latest big idea. 

2:12 An opportunity in #eurodollar futures?

9:50 No-bid futures and modern finance

13:25 “Instability isn’t considered instability when prices rise”

20:01 Assessing the...

Nov 20, 2018

Bob Farrell, longtime Merrill Lynch head of research, celebrated market technician and author of the widely cited 10 Rules for Investors, calls in to share his insights with Grant’s.

2:21 What’s changed, and what’s the same

6:40 “Excesses in one direction lead to excesses in another.”  Does that apply to...

Nov 13, 2018

Wendy Battleson, co-founder and principal of Art Strategy Partners, shares her expertise on the state of the market and its connection with other asset prices

1:48 Banksy’s self-destruct button

6:10 Guaranteed bids – for a fee

11:21 Inflation in Warhol’s

17:16 The art market; an extension of Wall Street?...

Nov 5, 2018

Michelle Leder, reporter and founder of, stops by to discuss recent trends in corporate accounting and the regulatory environment. @footnoted 

0:55  Accountants: Who needs them?

2:54  “Terms and conditions may apply”

10:48 Corporate shortcuts and the S.E.C.

13:12 The things that corrections correct

Oct 31, 2018

Jonathan Tepper, founder of macro research firm Variant Perception and author of The Myth of Capitalism, calls in to discuss the rise of corporate monopolies and its implications. @jtepper2

1:24 The Myth of Capitalism and, Inc.

6:08 The beer industry, duopolies and innovation

10:14 Low interest rate policy...