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Grant’s Podcast | Finance Expert Jim Grant on Investment, Stock Markets, Real Estate & Federal Reserve

Jun 18, 2018

Seth Daniels, founding partner of JKD Capital, LLC, and Ben Rabidoux, president of North Cove Advisors, join Grant’s for a thorough analysis of the Canadian housing market and the potential consequences of a downturn.

1:42 Housing: Canada’s #economic engine

5:50 Parallels to the U.S. experience

10:00 Mortgage #fraud...

Jun 11, 2018

The indomitable Montana Skeptic (@MontanaSkeptic1) joins Grant’s for a hearty discussion of the most polarizing car company in the world,

1:51 Is a “supernova” third quarter in the works?

3:54 The basic #bear case

7:49 #Model 3 reservation holders: What now?

13:26 The lawyers circle

16:14 Montana’s overall...

Jun 4, 2018

Francine McKenna, (@retheauditors)  transparency reporter at MarketWatch, joins the regular cast of characters to discuss auditing and accounting trends, and their crucial role for investors.

4:07 What do investors get wrong about #financial statements?

8:41 Auditors do not draft financials

13:49 Are certain #law firms...

May 21, 2018

Jonathan Tepper (@jtepper2), chief editor of Variant Perception, and @John_Hempton, chief investment officer of Bronte Capital Management, share their macro and micro expertise on corporate concentration and corporate fraud.

2:09 How do managers contend with increasing industry consolidation?

8:51 “A time of...

May 14, 2018

Adam Cohen, founder of Covenant Review, joins Grant’s for an insightful overview of our loosey-goosey credit market.

1:20 “Read the footnotes,” then and now

8:41 Where is the danger for lenders?

13:54 Potential consequences of widespread cov-lite

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