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Grant’s Podcast | Finance Expert Jim Grant on Investment, Stock Markets, Real Estate & Federal Reserve

Apr 24, 2017

Special guest Russell Napier talks with Jim Grant about the coming tumult in currencies and interest rates.

3:50 Why Singapore government debt is the best long idea

6:56 Are there any strong currencies?

9:33 Death of mercantilism

12:45 Napier on populism & the American Constitution

15:48 Where to buy stocks


Apr 20, 2017

How not to get rich: A guide for the buyer of euro-denominated French sovereign credit. Tell us again how many times the Fed will hike this year? Jim Grant and Deputy Editor Evan Lorenz host the Grant’s Podcast.

1:53 French Presidential election

4:10 Guide for the buyer of euro-denominated French sovereign credit


Apr 6, 2017

Grant's can only find two precedents for the market's stretched valuation. A look back at a bullish banker who fought the Fed during a prior peak. Also, a discussion of a leak-prone Fed and a populist government.

1:27 Grant & Lorenz on Jeffrey Lacker resignation

4:00 Will Donald Trump seriously consider a return to gold...

Apr 6, 2017

Special guest Marc Cohodes runs Alder Lane Farm and is a famed short seller and bull fighter. Twitter: @AlderLaneeggs

0:29 Identifying short ideas

7:02 Cohodes on his approach

12:12 model

23:23 Cohodes on Bank of the Internet

28:51 What’s going on w/ Canadian housing market?

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