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Grant’s Podcast | Finance Expert Jim Grant on Investment, Stock Markets, Real Estate & Federal Reserve

Jun 30, 2017

Preview of the next funding crisis; cheers for Tad Rivelle, hisses for Kraft Heinz.

:07 Intro
1:16 Japanese banks and their #dollars
5:55 TCW's Tad Rivelle channels David Stockman
8:14 Janet #Yellen isn't worried
11:30 "The way forward is clear." Is that so?
14:02 #Kraft Heinz CEO responds to critics 

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Jun 26, 2017

The renowned fixed-income analyst discusses the flattening yield curve, the reluctant Fed and the sinking finances of his home city, Chicago.

2:25:  Everything in #Illinois is going broke
6:07:  Flattening yield curve, this time is different?
9:15:  #Fed vs bond market
12:42 Charles Evans discovers #Amazon
16:20 We need...

Jun 19, 2017

The Federal Reserve, ostensibly “data-driven,” pledges to continue to lift its tiny federal funds rate. It has never done so in times like these. Also: grocery price wars and a tentacled Chinese insurance company.  

1:31 The #Fed is determined to hike #rates

5:28 Record private business #debt

8:17 Tightening cycles...

Jun 2, 2017

Uber comes under the Grant's lens.