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Grant’s Podcast | Finance Expert Jim Grant on Investment, Stock Markets, Real Estate & Federal Reserve

Apr 9, 2018

Jim Bianco, president of Bianco Research, LLC, joins the team to talk bonds, the Fed and much more.

1:00 Where are #rates going?

5:51 The #Fed and the Heisenberg principle
11:07 Potential consequences of a decade of interest rate #price control
15:10 The significance of a three percent 10-year #yield

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Apr 2, 2018

David Stockman, director of the Office of Management of Budget under President Reagan and mas­ter of mazy budgetary arithmetic, joins Jim and Evan for a scintillating discussion of fiscal and monetary matters.

0:00 The #Simpsons foreshadowing

3:20 Deficits and #debt monetization. What’s the harm?

9:01 Requiem for a...

Mar 28, 2018

Jim, Evan and Phil revisit Grant’s 2017 bearish analysis of Facebook, with historical analog.

2:05 “Sell #Coke” 1996

6:06 Paul Fusselll and #human folly

10:41 Where do we stand now?

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Mar 26, 2018

Biff Robillard, president and co-founder of Bannerstone Capital Management, LLC, joins the team to share his insights on the markets and investors’ state of mind.

1:40 Major changes are afoot

5:18 Rough road ahead for the #dividend aristocracy

9:05 #Pricing power, who has it?

14:55 Lack of #investor enthusiasm

Mar 19, 2018

Ed Yardeni, President of Yardeni Research, Inc. and author of Predicting the Markets, A Professional Autobiography, joins Jim for a lively discussion.

1:52 Interest #rates, then and now

4:11: “The #bond market has been rigged”

7:22 #Inflation is the big risk

12:08 Has #macroeconomics succeeded?

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